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“SHINING SEA is a novel of clap-demanding authorial grace. Its drama is eloquent, its message resonant. The truly remarkable Anne Korkeakivi has written a laudable and relentless novel.” —Chigozie Obioma, Booker Prize-finalist author of The Fishermen

“I tore through it. SHINING SEA is a beautifully drawn testament to everyday heroism and the power of the family to persevere in the face of tragedy and turbulent world events.” –Charlotte Rogan, bestselling author of The Lifeboat

“An absolutely transcendent novel about great love and great loss, with a majestic sweep from WWII to Woodstock to modern times. So alive, the novel virtually breathes.” –Caroline Leavitt, bestselling author of Pictures of You and Cruel Beautiful World

“When I finished reading Anne Korkeakivi’s stirring second novel, SHINING SEA, I had to double-check the page count–how could such a huge, multi-generational saga be told so skillfully in less than 300 pages? The canvas is large, but so are the characters and, most importantly, Anne Korkeakivi’s talent. I really, really loved it.” —David Abrams, veteran and critically acclaimed author of Fobbit

“I could tell you how in SHINING SEA Anne Korkeakivi masterfully explores the impact grief, and war, have on a family. But I will just say this: I loved this book.” –Ann Hood, bestselling author of Comfort: A Journey Through Grief and The Book That Matters Most

“This elegantly crafted, brilliantly structured novel speaks volumes about the complexities of shared history, and the way we are all overshadowed by the ever-present past. Possessing immense intelligence and a deeply felt understanding of family as the ongoing struggle with which we all must engage, SHINING SEA is a resonant wonder”.--Douglas Kennedy, bestselling author of The Pursuit of Happiness and The Blue Hour

“This absorbing generational story, which follows the Gannon family from WWII to the present, explores complex dynamics and captures the mood of different decades in America. Korkeakivi’s cogent insight into family relationships and the impact of personal loss, as well as how the times we live in effect who we are, shines through… Each character’s story is rich and excellently crafted… [and] in the end, Korkeakivi seamlessly brings her themes full circle.” Publishers Weekly, *Starred Review

“With both epic scope and beautiful minimalism, SHINING SEA traces the family lineage from the fallout of World War II through the entirety of Vietnam, across Europe and the Irish Troubles, and into the present day in fewer than 300 pages. The narrative drifts from a central point yet, like its characters, always finds a way to return home.” — Josh Potter, Shelf Awareness

“The Twelve Summer Books Everyone Will Be Talking About: SHINING SEA — Korkeakivi’s impressive story about how a family will band together and perhaps drift apart to live on.”―Sarah Bracy Penn, Harper’s Bazaar

“Most Anticipated, The Great Second-Half 2016 Book Preview: A meditation on family, the long shadow of war over generations, and myth-making.” –Emily St.-John Mandel, The Millions

“18 Books You Should Read This August: Anne Korkeakivi’s SHINING SEA is the family saga you want to read—with a message about war damages that won’t leave you queasy from sweetness. Korkeakivi (An Unexpected Guest) writes beautifully; gobble this one up and keep an eye out for her next.” –Bethanne Patrick, Lit Hub

“A panoramic novel tracing generations of the Gannon family [that] illuminates the aftershocks of war in the 20th century…. The effortless prose and vining plot make for a winsome tale of kinship and growth. Endearing characters carry a sinuous story of family bonds.”―Kirkus Reviews

“With a far-reaching plot that includes the military, the counterculture, marriage, parenthood, loss, and AIDS, and storytelling that couples pointed restraint with sweeping vision, Korkeakivi covers the not-so-shining moments of the late twentieth century. The result is a family saga that explores the lingering effects of war and the elusive emotions of peace.”Booklist

“12 Travel Books That Will Transport You This Summer, Even If You’re Stuck In The Office: A gut-wrenching story about war, family, and the persistence of memory, SHINING SEA will take you all over the globe without so much as leaving your reading chair.” — Sadie L. Trombetta, Bustle

“Five Books You Should Read This Summer: [SHINING SEA will] look good on your bookshelf, and it’ll make you cry. It’s a win-win.” — Lydia Mansel, Elite Daily

“RIF’s Favorite Reads of August: Moving through the months, years, and decades, this sweeping novel gathers several lives’ worth in it, giving us a portrayal of an American family, and what that means to this particular clan. ” — Ilana Masad, Read It Forward

“Korkeakivi’s prose is clear, honest, and unadorned throughout. Excellent at crowd control, she deftly handles the curves and swirls of many characters over a long period of time… and is at her most remarkable when flying high for the bird’s eye view, then swooping straight down into her characters’ hearts. ” — Lisa Alexander, The Common

“[Korkeakivi] writes beautifully and with compassion and insight into the relationships and events that shape our lives… I cared about the key characters (and still do, as they wander around in my mind). The plot is compelling, with mysteries at the heart of a few subplots, and her prose is seamless and elegant.”–Bill Wolfe, Read Her Like An Open Book

“Korkeakivi’s second novel, an inquiry into the chasm that opened half a century ago between the greatest generation and their disillusioned, Vietnam-conscripted offspring, records 82 years of the Gannon clan. Korkeakivi can be captivating.” –Mike Pead, The New York Times

“I really admire writers who can telescope several years’ worth of events but then also linger on a revealing detail. Anne Korkeakivi navigates this with elegance and impeccable prose… I loved it above all for the precise, lyrical language; the dusting of poetry contained in the writing.” — Sanda Ionescu, Finding Time to Write

Shining Sea has an impressive scope, engaging prose, and compelling themes.” — Emily Burns Morgan, The Rumpus

“Like stitches in a delicately laced quilt, Korkeakivi threads the complicated lives of Barbara and Francis through time, reflecting an intricate web of progress down through the decades. ” — Michael Leonard, Curled Up With a Good Book

“13 captivating new novels to curl up with this fall: If you’re looking for a big, beautiful family saga, look no further. But Korkeakivi (An Unexpected Guest) also examines how war and trauma are passed down and seen (or not seen, as the case may be) in generations of an American family. You’ll be surprised at the origin of the title. We need to talk about war and how it affects combatants.” — Bethanne Patrick, AleteiaFor Her

“[A] highly recommended family saga that spans generations… Shining Sea is well written and the story of the Gannon family, told through the experiences of Barbara and Francis, is captivating. The damage, both physical and psychological, and loss the family experiences caused by war, either the declared/military or the domestic variety, is poignantly captured.” She Treads Softly

“Korkeakivi’s spontaneous prose delivers a thoroughly compelling story of personal struggles in the face of grief, held together by the endless hope for self-renewal.” — Frederic Colier, RESIDENT

“Anne Korkeakivi deserves an award for the realistic yet sensitive way she depicts this family’s lives… Memorable, lovely, and highly recommended historical fiction.” — Viviane Crystal, Historical Novels Review

“Shining Sea brings us into World War II, Woodstock, London’s dark dangerous nightlife, and more with a knack for detail.” — Dana De Greff, The New Tropic

“[E]xtremely engrossing… an absorbing tale that seems to just float along.” Burack’s Bookshelf

“A classically American novel… Shining Sea is a really beautiful book, spot on. I loved it.” — Martha Frankel, Woodstock Booktalk Radio

“Woodstock and freedom; Vietnam and death; AIDS and counterculture; [Shining Sea] is an evocative yet concise American novel of self-discovery in which successive generations try to define themselves and their notions of home….Hugely readable and somehow ominous in the light of current events.” — Jill Marsh, Book Muse, *Recommended Reading Award