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Martha Frankel, host of Woodstock Booktalk Radio, runs one of my favorite book radio shows, and I was delighted to be on to talk about my “classically American novel, really beautiful, spot on,” as she described Shining Sea. We discussed the book’s original title, how Woodstock appears in the novel, why I chose to…(Read More)

Another radio interview I gave at the Miami Book Fair, with Lillian Cauldwell — president of PWRN, and a very insightful reader and radio host — turned out to be a radio AND video interview. Had I known, I would have at the very least have brushed my hair. But, she asked such interesting questions,…(Read More)

I was delighted to contribute to the January 2017 issue of Architectural Digest, the annual AD 100 issue. I wrote about a beautiful hidden garden by Lac Léman in Switzerland, recently re-invented by one of the world’s top landscape designers, Wirtz International in Belgium. I don’t think you can access the…(Read More)

Shining Sea was honored with a review in my hometown paper, the New York Times. True, the reviewer doesn’t describe what the book is about, but I’ll take the adjective! “Korkeakivi’s second novel, an inquiry into the chasm that opened half a century ago between the greatest generation and their disillusioned, Vietnam…(Read More)

The Miami Book Fair is best of the best, and so was finding Shining Sea on A Latina Millenial’s Guide to the Miami Book Fair, alongside the likes of Trevor Noah, Colson Whitehead, Rita Dove, and Sabina Murray: “Shining Sea brings us into World War II, Woodstock, London’s dark dangerous nightlife, and more…(Read More)

I love this review of Shining Sea from the Historical Novel Society, and not only because it says “Anne Korkeakivi deserves an award for the realistic yet sensitive way she depicts this family’s lives” and calls the book “[m]emorable, lovely, and highly recommended historical fiction.” To see the rest of the review, look…(Read More)

I’m delighted to share that I’ve been awarded the Lois Kahn Wallace Writers Award for Shining Sea. Established in 1999 by the well-known, now-deceased literary agent and fellow New Yorker Lois Wallace, the award has been given five times before; past recipients include Erica Wagner and Marisa Silver. Such an honor…(Read More)

This “powerhouse list of fall 2016 fiction is for women, by women” — and includes Shining Sea: “If you’re looking for a big, beautiful family saga, look no further. But Korkeakivi (An Unexpected Guest) also examines how war and trauma are passed down and seen (or not seen, as the case may be) in generations…(Read More)

I love book groups and I love book pairings and everyone loves Homegoing, so I really loved seeing this idea on The Leaning Stack of Books’s review of Yaa Gyasi’s phenomenon novel: “Hello, book clubs! This would be an interesting book to pair with another inter-generational family story (for example, Anne Korkeakivi…(Read More)

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Love and Resilience

I love this review of Shining Sea from the Historical Novel Society, and not only because it says “Anne Korkeakivi…

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